Demo of 7 free tools for teachers

Simplifying a Teacher’s Life: Free Technology Tools for Assessment is a video presentation on YouTube by Erica Speaks. This is a very good demo of 7 free tools that most teachers/instructors could use in their classes to enhance learning and save time doing admin/teacher tasks.

Three of the tools, I have already discovered and use regularly: Kahoot!, Socrative and Flubaroo. These three are free, easy to use and work great.

The three of the other tools: Plickers, ForAllRubrics and ClassCharts look very useful and I am exploring how I would use them in my classes. Although some of these are more for K-12 teachers, but I can see how I could use them with my university classes.

The seven tool: MasteryConnect, looks like it would be very useful for K-12 teachers but I don’t see how I could use it.

Check this out. The tools are great, free and Erica does a great job reviewing them.

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