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SAMR Model predicts how technology might impact teaching and learning

The SAMR Model, which was developed  by Dr. Ruben Puentedurais a very interesting model that can help you predict how computer technologies may and/or should have an impact on teaching and learning.

Go to https://sites.google.com/a/msad60.org/technology-is-learning/samr-model for a very good description of the model although there are many other sites that describe it.

I was impressed by how it helps to explain where most technology integration projects stall, at the Substitution level, essentially because although the technology is employed, there is no significant change (or benefit) in what is happening in the teaching and learning  taking place.  This model helps me to employ computer technologies more effectively in my teaching.

This image describes the model well.

SAMR Model

For more information about this model check out to the links below:

An excellent Using Google Slides Tutorial by Eric Curts

Here is a very useful tutorial posted by Eric Curts on the how to use Google Slides, the powerpoint like slideshow presentation applications in Google Drive. Google Slides is a free tool to use that comes with your Google or Gmail accounts. I use it extensively for presentations and teaching.  I find it much easier to use than PowerPoint and it is available anywhere I have Internet access. This is also great for collaborating with others because it supports up to 50 multiple simultaneous editors. I often use it in class for learning activities.

Go to this URL to access the document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rxw4DRvWizdHh21CIOrE8sCdV92bQ2GetHFMAp0grC4/edit

Here is the table of contents of the tutorial document.

Teaching Naked: Should you do it? Yes!

Okay, so this is not be about teaching without clothes on but this is a very good article about not letting educational technologies get in between you and your students.

What I get from this article is that we would be more effective teachers if we stopped using so much technology in our scheduled class-time to present content or have quizzes. But we should use the technology to develop content and admin quizzes outside of scheduled class time so we can use that valuable time to have more open, less structured discussions and other interactive learning activities. The notion of teaching naked is to prepare to take some risks in your classes, with less content to hide behind and allow the students to set the directions of the activities more.

The article explains this much better so click here to access this great article by Jose Antonio Bowen and post a comment on what you think about it.

Since this article was first published, the author as expanded this thesis into a book that he promotes on his website TeachingNaked.com, where he shares other resources that support instructors in following these principles. He is also speaking on YouTube.