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Demo of 7 free tools for teachers

Simplifying a Teacher’s Life: Free Technology Tools for Assessment is a video presentation on YouTube by Erica Speaks. This is a very good demo of 7 free tools that most teachers/instructors could use in their classes to enhance learning and save time doing admin/teacher tasks.

Three of the tools, I have already discovered and use regularly: Kahoot!, Socrative and Flubaroo. These three are free, easy to use and work great.

The three of the other tools: Plickers, ForAllRubrics and ClassCharts look very useful and I am exploring how I would use them in my classes. Although some of these are more for K-12 teachers, but I can see how I could use them with my university classes.

The seven tool: MasteryConnect, looks like it would be very useful for K-12 teachers but I don’t see how I could use it.

Check this out. The tools are great, free and Erica does a great job reviewing them.

Video: Prezi 2014 NEW Full Tutorial has been around for a few years now but if you haven’t tried it for making class presentations or invited your students to make their presentations with it, you may want to view this video. It is almost 24 minutes but it is very comprehensive and does a great job demonstrating the new features that have been added over the year.

I find that has the following advantages for teaching:

  • It is not slideshow based but works on a single large canvas that you zoom and pan on. This is great for timelines, complex illustrations, process charts and idea maps.
  • It is free for teachers and students. Look for the education licenses
  • It is cloud based so your presentations are available from anywhere.

Free UO Conference on October 8 & 9, 2014

Are you looking for tips, tricks, and tales about eLearning in adult education? You are invited to register for the fourth annual UO Conference on October 8 & 9, 2014 –  a free PD opportunity offered entirely online using Adobe Connect.

We are excited to announce that this year’s keynote speakers are two Canadian leaders in the field. Join us for Tony Bates’ session on Learning in the 21st Century and Alec Couros’ session on Digital Citizenship.

We also have a fascinating variety of presenters from colleges and universities all across Alberta for this two day event hosted by Bow Valley College. We’ll be chatting about everything from adaptable online learning environments and teaching with social media and educational technology to a new frame about academic dishonesty and providing learner-centred feedback.

Click here to access the online registration form to register

For more information and a complete list of conference sessions, see our website or connect with Lusine Harutyunyan for questions about registration.

We look forward to learning with you!

Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you think would be interested.uoconference2014uoconference2014

Click here to access a poster about this event you can printout.